Behold The King…The King Of Kings

February 20, 2008

Genibus Nitito Canis, that’s rough Latin for On Your Keens Dog. Wrasslin’ fans know what I’m talking about, and that’s what Sony is saying to Toshiba right now because it looks like Sony has won the HD format war. As an owner of a PS3 that makes me really happy because it looks like they can execute their 10 year life cycle plan which means I can just sit back and let the games roll on in for a long time. As an owner of a 360 it makes me nervous. I just got a 360 in July and now I’m hearing rumors of a “Next Box” in 2009. That’s ridiculous. As much as I like Fable I don’t think that’s enough to buy a new machine every three years. This might be Microsoft’s last mess up for me. I don’t see 2K Bioshock exclusivity or Silicon Knights exclusivity for Microsoft anymore because they won’t be able to do sequels on the 360 if there is no 360, and they already lost Bungie and Bioware. Why would you want to do sequels on a machine that changes every 3 years? That’s asking too much from consumers. All they have left is Rare. I hope they hold on with the 360, but I don’t know. Maybe they cay use that 1 billion replacement warranty money towards a 360 Next Box trade in program. I don’t know. Things look dicey for Microsoft that’s all. As far as Nintendo goes. the format war is totally ineffectual to them because their off in their own world of elderly, kids, and 30 something parent gamers. Which looks like a real sweet spot. I don’t have a Wii, but there are a few reasons I’m probably going to get one in the future. I don’t even know the real cost of the system with all the stupid bundles around. Anyway, all we can do is wait and see what Microsoft does. I hope it’s cool, but it probably won’t be.


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