The Other Guys

January 29, 2008

So, who are the other guys? They’re guys doing things differently. They’re making comics not just about superheroes, but about all genres just like Manga. They’re taking comics into new directions like onto the internet and onto IPods, PSP’s and other personal media devices. They’re putting their books into the book stores. They’re competeing with Manga where Manga is holding consumer demand. Most of these guys were doing this even before Manga’s influx into America took center stage. There’s just too many to name, but some of my personal favorites are Dark Horse Comics, Ape Entertainment, Image Comics, Oni Press, and Top Shelf Productions, as well as the plethora of different web comic authors out there from America like Penny Arcade, PVP, and Diesel Sweeties. I applaud all of these publishers, webcomics authors, and distributors who are trying to do new and innovative things to keep America’s comic book industry going.  That’s what we’re trying to do with Atomsplit too. We’re making a comic about music with a soundtrack. That’s something that couldn’t be done in comics before now and I hope you guys dig it when it’s done.


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