There’s A War Going On Outside No Man Is Safe From

January 27, 2008

If anybody gets the title reference you get an Atomsplit Gold Star. I was originally going to blog about the Smurfs 5oth anniversary, but that got me to thinking about comic books and I hate thinking about comics because there’s a war going on in the comic book sub culture right now between good ol’ apple pie American comic books and Japanese Manga. Ninety percent of American comic books are superhero comic books. There’s some exceptions likeĀ  SLG, Optic Nerve, and Bone. The first two were so low key that the wikipedia page is the first link in Google and not the home page. So what’s left for America? Well there’s this and this. You have a choice between superheros and superheros. There’s a reason you have a choice between superheros and superheros and believe it or not it’s because of 1950’s red-scare politics. I cover this every quarter in my cartooning class. These events happened 60 years ago, and you may be asking what does this have to do with the war with Manga these days. It has everything to do with it because comics were able to grow and evolve in a free market in Japan while comics in America were regulated and managed in a limited market of strictly superheros and Mad Magazine and when things can’t evolve they inevitably can’t survive. So for 60 years America had a steady diet of superheroes while Japan stuffed itself on a wide variety of different types of Manga. With stories ranging from the ramen noodle in a cup to mega franchises about Ninjas, and when these comics hit the North American shores in the middle 90’s the Neanderthalic state of American comic books was not ready for the economic onslaught.


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