Things Just Suck Sometimes

January 14, 2008

It’s true. Things just suck sometimes. For instance it sucks when your dog runs away or when you die when your not paying attention while playing a game or when Shonen Jump skips way ahead to a different story arc in Naruto and you have to buy several graphic novels to find out what you missed. That last one was irregularly sucky. Sometimes what you draw sucks to. This doesn’t apply to paint slinging of course but for real drawing it does. I was way into the first scene of the last Atomsplit cartoon and then I finally stopped lying to myself and said this sucks and I had to start over. Below is the old and new images of the opening scene to the cartoon. The first one  is a Bird’s Eye View of a stadium. I thought it would be cool kind of like Monday Night Football and all,  but after a while of working on it just ended up looking like trash. The new image is a High Angle View of the same scene. It looks pretty good, It’s got perspective. I realize that by looking at the two images below you’re probably thinking man he’s nuts both of these images suck. That’s because they’re both just sketches now, but after fixing the second one up in Adobe Illustrator it will look good. Trust me. I’ll show you when I get done.



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