My Kid Could Paint That

January 6, 2008

That’s the name of a movie about foolishness. This goes back to a one of my previous posts. I watched that trailer three times and I can’t decide who is more ridiculous, the media, the parents, or the critics. I would say the critics because all critics are bitter people who can’t hack it in whatever they tried to do so they get paid to break down other people who are hacking it. Those who can do and those who can’t critique. I think they’ve snowed everyone into believing that paint splattering trash is real art because that’s the only art they’re able to produce. I just plain hate art, but I love craft.


One comment

  1. […] last one was irregularly sucky. Sometimes what you draw sucks to. This doesn’t apply to paint slinging of course but for real drawing it does. I was way into the first scene of the last Atomsplit […]

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