Paris Syndrome

December 18, 2007

When I work on the Atomsplit cartoon or anything else I listen to podcasts and audiobooks. One of the podcasts I listen to is called Inside Europe. I like to know what’s going on outside the U.S. and one of the things going on is Paris Syndrome. You can read the link if you want, but basically Paris Syndrome affects Japanese people on arrival in Paris when they come to realize that Paris is not the idyllic city they have come to imagine it is from movies like Amilee. That’s kind of crazy, but I can see it happening because in 2000 I went to France and England. Now, before I left I heard all kinds of stuff about French people being rude, and they can be rude if you don’t employ a secret exploit. The way you can get France to be fun and friendly is by trying to learn the language, and talking softly. Once you make attempts to communicate to people in French it’s like a whole different world. When I first got to the airport I was like I need this, this, and this in English and loud. I know the lady knew English, but since I was all in her face about it that turned her off. By the second day I learned to try communicating in French talking softly and trying their food and everyone was really friendly and nice. Even if you totally suck at French, but they know you’re making the effort it makes all the difference in the world. Between England and France I ended up having a better time in France. Don’t get me wrong though there was some cool things about England too.


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