Episode Nine Is Finished

December 11, 2007

Episode nine is in the can as they say. However, the year of summer is still up in the air because it seems it’s going to get down to 40 by Sunday. Yikes! Anyway, back to episode nine. With that finished I have episode 10 and 12 to get done and then it’s on to crafting the Atomsplit video game. So now it’s time for the special treat. An Atomsplit cartoon scene from start to finish! The first thing I do when working on a scene is take a look at the script that was written. I’ll then draw the scene in pencil as described in the script. That’s the first image. After drawing all the scenes I scan them into the computer. Then I open the drawings in illustrator. Then if you look at the second image you’ll see that I digitally ink the drawing using a combination of the pen and pencil tools. In the third image you’ll see that I color the drawing using the live paint tool. I took away the black lines so you can see just the colors. You’ll never see an image without the black outlines in the finished Atomsplit cartoon! Then in the last image you’ll see that I used the pen and pencil tools again to add the shadow to the image. Originally, I was going to add shadow to the back building, but then I decided that it really didn’t need any shadows on it. That happens a lot in the course of making this cartoon. So there you have it. That’s the basic way a scene gets made from start to finish for the Atomsplit cartoon.

Cancelled 1cancelled-2.jpgcancelled-3.jpgcancelled-4.jpg


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