Color Is For Lovers

December 6, 2007

That Ironman movie is looking sweet. I watched the trailer a couple of times and Robert Downy Jr. is going to pull off Tony Stark really well. It’s awesome they used Ironman by Black Sabbath too. So, let’s switch gears and talk about the Atomsplit cartoon for a second. There’s a lot of coloring going on for a full color cartoon and sometimes I get stumped as to how I’m going to color a scene or two. That happened when I started the scene I’m working on now. Whenever that happens I go to Colour Lovers That’s a great site full of color palettes people have created. I just go there and search a few key words related to the image I’m working on and I get a whole lot of interesting color palettes to work with. In a day or two I’ll show you the scene I used Colour Lovers on and the search terms I used then you can go there and see for yourselves how it works.


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