December 4, 2007

Hey Atomsplitters, let’s talk about art. What is art? Who knows? Recently, a mother snowed the art “experts” and community into thinking her two year old kid was an artist making art by throwing ketchup and paint around. This paint throwing is called modern art and it’s been going on for awhile. If art reflects life then we are in a sorry state my friends, but that’s just my opinion. That’s all you have to judge art by is your opinion, though. That’s what we learned in art school, anyway, it’s all in the eye of the beholder. We also learned how to compose an image with form and shape and control light and shadow, but I guess I wasted my money because when you’re an artist you can just slap paint all over something or some other nonsense and call it art. So, a long time ago I decided that wasn’t going to be an artist anymore and I wasn’t going to make art. I decided I was going to be a craftsman and create works of good craftsmanship. There are rules that judge skilled craftsmanship. Craftsmanship is a balance of artistic expression and superlative technique. A craftsman can’t lay around throwing paint on a canvas. A craftsman has to produce good functional products. If you know where to look there is good, well crafted art all around you. When you sit on your well crafted, comfortable couch and watch your well crafted, awesome looking 60″ plasma TV, which will be showing the well crafted Atomsplit cartoon, remember, that you will be surrounded in good art and good craftsmanship.


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