Jade Empire

December 2, 2007

Yesterday, after finishing some work on the Atomsplit cartoon I did what I do most every night which is to play a game. The game I’m playing now is Jade Empire.  These types of role playing games like Jade Empire, Fable, and Mass Effect give you many different choices in a good to evil spectrum which impact the game  and your character. I know a lot of people who play these kinds of games as evil characters. It’s fun to be bad without any consequences. When I play these types of games though I like to play them as if it were my real self making the decisions and choices. For instance as a practicing libertarian I wouldn’t force anyone to do anything in real life and so I don’t force anyone to do anything in the game unless they force me first. Instead, I try to reason with them. This makes parts of the game go on longer than if I were to just kill or beat everyone up that got in my way, but it seems that when I make libertarian decisions I end up following the path of the open palm, which is good in Jade Empire, as opposed to the path of the closed fist which is evil. I don’t know for sure but I think I get rewarded more stuff too. It makes me happy to know that at least in Jade Empire reasoning with people instead of forcing them is the way of goodness and peace, but I think that translates to the real world too. So, if you guys ever have the opportunity to play one of these role playing games try playing it as if it were really you in the game. It’s interesting to examine what type of person you are at least within the games set parameters.


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